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Clutch Aligning Tool Set KDS2420

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Item #: KDT2420
Manufacturer: KD Tools

List Price: $45.80
Our Price: $23.54

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Product Description
Features and Benefits:
  • Aligns single disc clutches on American and imported cars, light trucks, and tractors
  • Plate aligning cone has 1-1/8” maximum diameter taper
  • Includes Zinc adapters for Import: 0.472" and 0.500"; 0.622" and 0.641"; 0.688" and 0.710"; 0.826" and 0.875"
  • Black adapters for domestic: 0.561" and 0.590"; 0.749" and 0.787"; 0.812" and 0.874"; 0.984 and 1.181"
  • Pilot bushing cone taper size: 0.734" to 1.17"
Having troubles aligning your clutch? KD tool has made it easier with this tool set.  The set includes shaft and eight two-stepped pilot bearing adapters, for 16 sizes.  It's simple to use, the Adapter fits through clutch plate and into pilot bushing or bearing.  Tapered cone fits into clutch hole and aligns clutch plate properly.  Made for everyday use!
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