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Engine Mechanical

3-1/2" to 7" Piston Ring Compressor 21000
1-1/8" and 1-3/8" Large Valve Lapper 21100
5/8" and 13/16" Small Valve Lapper 21200
Camshaft / Balance Shaft Seal Installer 60170
7" to 10" Piston Ring Compressor 21500
3" to 5" Wrinkle Band Ring Compressor 21700
Camshaft Alignment Tool BMW 400
0-300 PSI 14mm and 18mm Compression Tester 20250
Euro 1/4 Turn Oil Filler OFAUD1000
M16 x 1.5 Adapter For 20250 20380
3-1/2 to 7" Piston Ring Compressor 20500
3/4" to 1-1/16" Valve Spring Compressor 23300
2" to 7" Glaze Breaker Engine Cylinder Hone 23500
VW and Audi Tension Pulley Spanner Wrench 0
Remote Starter Switch 20750
Flywheel Turner 23800
GM Harmonic Damper Pulley Puller SCH62800
Piston Ring Groove Cleaner 24000
Lexus and Toyota Harmonic Damper Pulley Holding Tool 64300
Piston Ring Compressor - 2-1/8" to 5" KDS1720
Piston Ring Grrove Cleaner KDS1722
Piston Ring Compressor 3-1/2" to 6-1/2" KDS1723
Diesel Piston Ring Compressor KDS1724
Universal Overhead Valve Spring Compressor KDS2078
Quickie Hydraulic Valve Tappet Remover KDS2114
14mm Spark Plug Insert Reamer/Tap KDS2123
14mm Cylinder Head Rethreader Kit KDS2125
Flywheel Turner KDS2270
Piston Ring Compressor 2-1/8 to 6in. KDS2284
Harmonic Balancer Puller KDS2286
Engine Cylinder Ridge Reamer KDS2389
Universal Camshaft Bearing Tool 18000
Cam Seal Installer with 10 and 12mm X 12.5 Threaded Cam Bolts 63800
Cylinder Compression Tester KDS2428
Valve Spring Compressor 16750
Piston Ring Compressor Pliers KDS1114
Piston Ring Compressor 4-3/8" to 4-5/8" Band KDS1125
2 Stones Engine Cylinder Hone 2" to 7" KDS2833
1-1/2" to 3" Small Engine Piston Ring Compressor 18500
Universal Overhead Valve Spring Compressor KDS3271
Oil Pressure Tester KDS3289
Universal Compression Tester Kit KDS3305
Oil Pressure Tester KDS3343
2-1/8" to 5" Take Apart Ring Compressor 19000
GM Pump Oil Primer KDS3446
Ford 1/4" Hex Drive Pump Oil Primer KDS3447
Ford 5/16" Hex Drive Pump Oil Primer KDS3448
Heavy Duty Oil FIlter Strap Wrench KDS3529
GearWrench® Die Adapter KDS3884
Universal Pulley Holder from KDT41580 KDS3900
2-1/8" to 5" Piston Ring Compressor 19500
Honda Acura Crankshaft Holding Tool KDS3970
14mm and 18mm Air Operated Valve Holder 19700
DIesel Adapter - M14-1.25 TU-15-24
American Diesel Compression Tester Kit TU-15-51
Diesel Compression Test Set - Light Cars and Trucks TU15-52B
Diesel Compression Test Set TU-15-53
Diesel Compression Test Set With Tester and Adapters TU-15-70
Harmonic Damper Pulley Puller 64900
Toyota, Lexus V6 Cam Seal Remover 65500
4 Segments Expander for LIS18000 18350
Manifold with Quick Coupler Plug 71317
Sneaky Pete Oil Seal Remover/Installer 27000
Head Handler™ Set 8mm X 1.25 66130
Universal Compression Tester TU-3PB
Schrader GM Right Angle Adapter 74852
Deluxe Compression Tester S-1251
Cylinder Leakage Tester S-1257
Digital Compression Test Kit MV5532
Digital Diesel Compression Test Kit MV5535
3in. 180 Grit Flex Engine Cylinder Hone GBD30018
4in. 180 Grit Flex Engine Cylinder Hone GBD40018
5in. 180 Grit Flex Engine Cylinder Hone GBD50018
11 Blade Offset Valve Tappet Gauge Import Set 3085
Rocker Oil Stoppers 16/Pk 35500
Valve Keeper Remover and Installer Kit 36050
Magnetic Valve Keeper- Remover- Installer 36200
2-11/16" to 5-5/16" Cylinder Ridge Reamer 36500
Dual Overhead Cam Lock Tool 36880
Rocker Box Cover Ratcheting Bolt Wrench 6529
Lower Rocker Box Wrench 7/16? for Twin Cam® 6530
Universal Cam Adjuster 38220
Harmonic Balancer Puller 3901
Combustion Leak Tester 560000
Toyota Oil Filler OFTOY1001
Toyota Threaded Oil Funnel OFTOY1038
Honda / Acura Counter Holder Kit HO 70
Valve Spring Compressor 44300
Quick Change Automatic Transmission to Engine Oil Pressure Tester TU-16PB
Whistle TU-17PL
8 Piece Blind Hole Bearing / Bushing Collet Set with Slide Hammer ST9006
GM Harmonic Balancer Installer Puller 45300
Harmonic Balancer Puller 45500
Harmonic Damper Puller Set 78514
Push Rod Remover 48500
Bench Head Stand 88150
Toyota/Lexus Valve Adjusting Tools 88250
12mm Universal Valve Adjustment Tool 88800
10mm Jam Nut Valve Adjustment Tool 88950
Harmonic Balancer Puller 518
Harmonic Damper Pulley Puller 51450
Universal Overhead Camshaft Valve Spring Compressor Update Kit 91410
Chrysler Crankshaft Pulley Puller/Installer 92100
Harmonic Balancer Installer 52650
Adjustable Seal Puller 56650
Oil Seal Puller for Oil and Grease Seals 56750
Universal Camshaft Pulley Holding Tool 96800
Shaft Type Seal Puller 58430
Toyota Timing Belt Tensioner Compressor 97300
Ford Multi-Port and Throttle Body Fuel Injection Pressure Tester Adapter 33850
Oil Pan Plug Rethreading Kit 58850
Ford Low Profile Fuel Filter Wrench MTN9030
Ratcheting Serpentine Belt Tool 59000
Heavy Duty Compression Tester for Gasoline Engines 34300
Automatic Transmission And Engine Oil Pressure Tester 34500
Automatic Transmission And Engine Oil Pressure Tester With Two Gauges 34550
Automatic Transmission And Engine Oil Pressure Tester With Two Gages In Molded Plastic Storage Case 34580
Diesel Compression Tester 34700
Universal Compression Tester for Gasoline Engines 34000
Diesel Engine Compression Tester Set 34900
Compact Universal Pulley Holder Kit KDS41530
Harmonic Balancer Puller Kit KDS41750
3 Piece Oil Pump Primer Kit KDS41770
DOHC Valve Lifter Removal Tool 99700
36 Piece Bore Brush Set with 1/4" Driver Handle 8001D
Crank Lock Pin T 40026
Camshaft Alignment Fixture T 40030
VW Oil Filter Housing Drain T 40057
Blade Type .008 to .026" Valve / Tappet Feeler Gauge 68050
Locking Pin 3242
Camshaft Alignment Tool 3243
Bracket for Chain Adjuster 3366
Camshaft Alignment Tool 3391
Harmonic Balancer Puller/Installer Set 4531
Large Valve Spring Compressor 4572
Frost Plug Remover/Installer Set 4603
Frost Plug Installer Set 4604
Universal Pulley Holder 4754
Universal Diesel Engine Compression Gauge 5021
Flywheel Pilot Bearing Puller for 1-1/4" I.D. 5048
Harmonic Balancer Puller KTI-70344
Compression Tester - Deep Well Connector 5603
Compression Tester Kit 5606
Compression Tester Ford Adapter 5607
Honda and Acura Offset Harmonic Damper Pulley Holding Tool 60100A
BMW Head Bolt Socket 5940
5-Piece Expansion Plug Tool Set V310A
Ford Cam Positioning Tool 6009
Ford Cam Positioning / Holding Tool 6020
Toyota Head Bolt Socket 6022
Ford Crankshaft Positioning Tool 6024
Chrysler Crankshaft Damper Remover/Installer Kit 6075
Ford Diesel Compression Test Adapter 6076
Flange-Type Puller Set 6294
Ford Camshaft Sensor Positioner 6466
Cam Sensor Sync Tool 6467
Ford Cam Sensor Sync Tool 6469
Ford Cam Sensor Sync Tool 6470
Ford Cam Sensor Sync Tool 6471
Ford Cam Sensor Synch Tool 6472
Ford Cam Sensor Sync Tool 6473
Ford Cam Tool 6474
Ford Crank TIming Peg 6475
Ford Cam Tool Kit 6486
Ford Cam Tool Kit 6487
Ford Camshaft Master Kit 6489
Ford 4.6L 5.4L 6.8L 32V Valve Cam Timing Kit 6498
Master Harmonic Balancer Installer 6505
Quick Disconnect Tool for Ford 6.0L 6594
Ford 6.0L Diesel Compression Tester Adapter 6660
GM/Chrysler/Mitsubishi Harmonic Damper Pulley Puller 6667
Chrysler/Jeep Cam Tool Set 6689
3 PIece Euro/GM Oil Socket Kit 6784
Cummins Drive Pulley Tool Set 7120
Cylinder Leakage Tester in a Plastic Case CLT-2PB
Ford Rear Main Seal Installer 7786
GM Harmonic Balancer Adapter for OTC7912 7911
GM Harmonic Balancer Puller Kit 7912
Ford Valve Spring Compressor Tool 7928
GM Transmission Oil Cooler Line Disconnect Tool 7937
Chrysler Camshaft Alignment Tool Set 7999
1/2" Oil Cooler Line Remover 8016
Oil Cooler Liner Remover Tool 8021
Oil Cooler Line Disconnect Tool 8023
1/2" Oil Cooler Line Disconnect Tool 8024
Professional Compression Test Kit MV5530
Combustion Leak Detector 75500
Combustion Leak Indicating Fluid 75630
Oil Filter Tool 64mm 14 Flats 0122-308
Harley Davidson Oil Filter Tool 0122-401
Valve / Tappet Gauge Blade Type .008 to .026in. KDS163
2-7/8" to 4-3/8" Dia Piston Ring Compressor KDS850
Air Hold Fittling Set KDS901
Valve Spring Compressor KDS912
Small Engine Valve Spring Compressor KDS379
Valve Spring Compressor for Overhead and L-Head KDS380
Valve Spring Compressor for Overhead KDS383
Valve Spring Compressor for Small Overhead and L-Head KDS385
Oil Seal Remover/Installer KDS492
5/8" and 13/16" Valve Grinder KDS501
1-1/8" and 1-3/8" Valve Grinder KDS505
7 Piece OHC Compression Tester Plus™ Kit 3615
Diesel Glow Plug Removal Tool 6005A
Universal Valve Adjustment Tool Set 7819
Harmonic Damper and Holding Puller Set 7822
Harmonic Balancer Puller Set 7846
Deluxe Vacuum and Fuel Pump Tester TU-1P
Long Piston Stop 7877
6.25" Standard Top Dead Center Indicator 7880
Compression Gauge Extension 7881
Spark Plug Adapter - 18 mm 7885
Top Dead Center Indicator - Extended Model 10.5" 7886
Engine Calibration and Set-Up Kit 7891
Compression Whistle Alert with Flex Hose 7894
Engine Cylinder Hone 15000
Cummins Engine Barring Tool 7471A
Small Cylinder Hone For 1-3/4" to 2-3/4" (44.5 - 66.9mm) Cylinders 16000
Combination M16 and M12 Ford Triton Compression Adapter 73111
Harmonic Balancer Puller Set 51700
Deluxe Compression Tester Kit 5605
Inner Cam Bearing Twin Cam, Early MPX5658
Inner Cam Beaing Installer Twin Cam, Late MPX5659
Inner Cam Bearing Installer for Single Cam MPX5657
Clutch Hub and Alternator Puller MPX5676
Intake Manifold Wrench MPX5684
Timing Plugs MPX5690
Valve Guide Install or Remove Tool Shoulder Guide 5689
Camshaft Remover and Installer 5662
Inner Cam Bearinng Remover Twin Cam Early MPX5665E
Camshaft Assembly Tool - Twin Cam 5667
Camshaft Bearing Remover 5666
Tappet Block Alignment Screws 5671
Sprocket Shaft Bearing Installer 5673
Primary Drive Locking Bar - Big Twins 5611B
Primary Drive Locking Bar - FL 5611F
Primary Drive Locking Bar - Twin Cam 5611T
Ripped Spark Plug Boot Remover 68450
Radiator Pressure Test Set TERT-919A
Truck Radiator Pressure Test Kit TERT-919F
Rubber Sleeve Expander LIS18000 18410
13/16" Spark Plug socket for Chrysler and Asian Vehicles 6898
Deluxe Porting Kit 260001
Radiator Pressure Test Kit MTN4356
Honda Serpentine Belt Tensioner Tool 10950
Ford Diesel 4 Pin Fan Clutch Pulley Holder 10900
Crankshaft and Camshaft Seal Tool Kit PBT70960
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