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36" Variable Speed Portable Evaporative Cooling Fan 6622-2502
18" Variable Speed Cooler / Fan 6622-3000
48" Single Speed Evaporative Cooler 6622-3502
Maxx Air™ 24" 2-in-1 Tilt Fan BF24TFN1 YEL
30" 1/4 HP Pedestal Fan 30ACHP
"The Big Chill" Blower MTN5200
Maxx Air™ 30" Pedestal Fan HVPF 30
16" Fan 1/4 HP Portable Evaporative Cooling Unit PAC2K163SHD
EuroVent® Portable Exhaust Extraction System EV-5100
36" 3 Speed 1/ HP Belt Drive Evaporative Cooling Unit PAC2K363S
36" Pneumatic Air Mover Cooling Unit PAC2K36AD
48" Fan, 2-Speed Evaporative Cooling Unit PAC2K482S
Maxx Air™ 42" Belt Drive Industrial Fan BF42BD
36" Fan, Direct-Drive, Hi-Performance Vari-Speed Unit PAC2K36HPVS
Port-A-Cool Cyclone™ 3000 Evaporative Cooler PAC2KCYC01
High Velocity Carpet Fan (4000 cfm) HVCF 4000
Heavy Duty Pneumatic Caster Kit CASTER-KIT-02
Mineral Treatment for Evaporative Cooling Units MK-47-CS
16" Pneumatic Air Mover Cooling Unit PAC2K16AD
24" Pneumatic Air Mover Cooling Unit PAC2K24AD
Port-A-Filler 50 Gallon Water Tank PAC-ACC-01
Port-A-Cool JetStream 1600 Portable Evaporative Cooling Unit PACJS1600
PneuMasterAir Mini Disposable Desiccant Dryer PMA-10
PneuMasterAir 5 Stage 40 SCFM Clear Advantage FIlter PMA20-3
PneuMasterAir 5 Stage 30 SCFM Clear Advantage Filter PMA20-2
PneuMasterAir EZ-1 Air Shop System EZ-1
PneuMasterAir EZ-2 Air Shop System EZ-2
PneuMasterAir Replacement Desiccant - 1 Gallon P34417
PneuMasterAir Replacement Desiccant - 1 Quart P34189
1/2" PneuMasterAir Electric Air Compressor Drain P5704S
PolarCool “Zone 11K” Portable Evaporative Cooling Fan 6622-0000
Port-A-Cool JetStream 2400 Portable Evaporative Cooling Unit PACJS2400
16" Portable Evaporative Cooler with Vertical Tank PAC163SVT
4,500 CFM Molbile Symphony Premium Evaporative Cooler MMB14
2,000 CFM Mobile Symphony Premium Evaporative Cooler MMB10
Water Pump for MMB08, MMB10, MMB12 and MMB14 RF041246
Replacment Motor for MMB12 RF030830
Replacment Motor for MMB14 RF031114
500 CFM Air Mover 1032100
Cub 1/4 HP™ Mini Air Blower CP-1
Grizzly 1/3 HP™ Blower GP-33
Port-A-Cool Cyclone™ 2000 Evaporative Cooler PACCYC02
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