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Scan Tools

PocketScan™ Code Reader CP9125
Elite Autoscanner™ Scan Tool CP9185
Elite Autoscanner™ Pro Scan Tool CP9190
USB Memory Card Reader 3421-67
Toyota DLC 2 Adapter 3421-68
Genisys Heavy Duty Standard Starter Kit 3421-79
Genisys 2006 System 2.0 Starter Kit and Memory Expansion 3421-84
2534 On-Car Global Programmer BXBD35721
IR Snake Flexible Infrared Thermometer EST30
EXP Electrical Diagnostic Tester With Amp Clamp and Case EXP-1000 AMP
30 Amp Fuse Buddy Mini Tester 305M
ATC Fuse Buddy Current Loop 308B
Mini Fuse Buddy Current Loop 307M
ABS Reader II 2005 Kit 3416
HD Scan - Heavy Duty Scan Tool 3417
EXP Electrical Diagnostic Tester EXP-1000
ETL Pistol Probe Electronic Test Light 76000
AST Pistol Probe Automotive Signal Tester with Logic 76200
MinuteManPlus Battery and Electrical System Tester 3131AGM
Current Monitor 6565
CanOBD2® Professional OBD 2 Generic Scan Tool 3130
Scan Tool CanOBD 2 and 1 Kit™ 3140
CodeScout™ 700 OBD-II Code Reader 700
Scan Buddy - CAN OBDII Scanner with Live Data Stream 910
Pro-Link IQ Diagnostic Scan Tool 188001
NGS MACH II Scan Tool 82065
High Speed Automotive 2 Channel Lab Scope with Database 3840F
Pegisys PC Scan Tool Kit 3828
Pegisys Deluxe PC Scan Tool Kit with Domestic/Asian Cable Kit 3828DLX
ScanPro™ Elite OBD I and OBD II Scan Tool 3499N
OBD2 ABS CAN Scan Tool 3160
V30 AutoBoss Automotive Diagnostic Tool Deluxe Kit 3100DLX
V30 Auto Boss Auto Diagnostic Tool Pro Kit with Printer 3100PRO
MaxiDAS Automotive Diagnosis Analysis System DS708
Genisys System 4.0 Memory Expansion Kit 3421-120
TPMS Module Interface to Genisys 3834
OBD II, CAN and ABS Scan Tool 3111
Pegisys PC Diagnostic System Master Kit with Netbook 3828DLX-NB
V30 Automotive Diagnostic Tool Trade-in Kit 3100PRO-TI
RDT61 Digital Auto Scanner RDT61
RDT51 Digital Scanner RDT51
RDT45 Digital Auto Scanner RDT45
Off-Car Programming Harness Adapter BABD45601
Diagnostic Scan Tool RDT79
Bilingual OBD II Scan Tool, ABS and Airbag (SRS) Code Reader 9450
Ottotest VCI Upgrade to Wi Fi Wireless BEBD40251
Global OBDII and CAN Scan Tool 9240-LT
Body 2008 Cartridge - 2005 TO 2008 BXBD33010
Chassis 2008 Cartridge - 2005-2008 BXBD33020
Powertrain 2009 Cartridge - 2007 to 2009 BXBD32056
Off Car Harness Kit (16 Cables) BEBD35604
1 Year "Recharge" Subscription Extension for Ottotest BXBD42801
Pre-Loaded Ultra Mobile Tablet PC BAPC40051
1 Year "Welcome Back" Subscription Renewal for Ottotest BSEBXBD42802
BDM Diagnostic Monitor for Harley Davidson BEBD31022
2534 Global Programmer On and Off Car Kit BEBD35704
Ottotest VCI Kit (No PC or WiFi) BEBD42051
Ottotest VCI Kit with WiFi (No PC) BEBD42031
OTTOTEST VCI Kit with Tablet PC and Wi Fi BEBD42001
CanOBD2 ScanTool 3040
TECH300SD Basic Activation TPMS Tool WRT300PSD
TPMS Diagnostic, Relearns, Vehicle Programming Tool WRT400SD
Genisys EVO 2010 Kit with TPR and 2 Years Software 3871TPR-2YR
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