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Test Leads and Adapters

48" Test Lead with 90 degree Insulated Banana Plugs 633XJL-48R/B
Industrial / Automotive DMM Standard Test Lead Kit 2530623
Insulating Piercing Maxigrabber® Test Clip Set 1546410
Heavy Duty Alligator Clip Set 1780323
Basic Electronic Test Lead Kit 1663900
Insulation Piercing Clips 1633088
Back Probe Pins (10 per Package) 1783104
Deluxe Automotive DMM Test Lead Kit 2530614
Power Probe Gold Series Lead Set PPLS01
3 x 10' Retractable Test Leads 1129
1 x 30' Retractable Test Lead 1130
3 x 10' Magnetic Retractable Test Leads 1135
2 x 30' Magnetic Retractable Test Leads 1138
7 Piece Retractable Test Lead Set 1176
Back Probe Kit 490
Finger Saver® Wire Piercing Guide 21250
"Jumper Twins" Test Leads 22900
Automotive Test Lead Kit 23000
Extra Heavy Duty Test Leads 23100
Perma-Coil® Jumper Leads 23150
Cable and Test Lead Wall Bracket WB14
2 PIece Insulation Piercing Hooks (Red / Black) XELR/B
18" Macro-Hook XJL to Standard Alligator Clip, Set 619XJL-18R/B
36" Macro-Hook XJL to Standard Alligator Clip, Set 619XJL-36R/B
36" Test Leads BXJL-36R/B
Heavy Duty, Remote Starter Switch 3650
Tight Spot Test Lead Kit 77011
Universal Magnetic Ground Lug 77012
Perfect Mate SPADE Terminal Probe Adapter Set 77202
Waekon Gold Perfect Mate ROUND Terminal Probe Adapter Set 77203
Remote Control Starter Switch KDS124
48" Lead XEL Piercing Hook Set 633XEL-48R/B
Deluxe XJL Automotive Test Accessory and Lead Kit 3504
Deluxe PVC Automotive Test Lead Set 3519
Deluxe Automotive XEL Test Kit 3604
Standard Test Leads ATL55
36" Lead Alligator Clamp Insulation Red / Black Piercing Hooks 619XEL-36R/B
36" Red / Black Straight Banana Plug Insulated Piercing Probe Set BXEL-36R/B
Relay Test Jumper Kit 56810
Pro Test Lead Kit 142
LOADpro® Dynamic Test Leads 180
LOADpro® Bundle - Dynamic Test Leads and Fundamental Electrical Troubleshooting Book 181
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