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Fuel System

Vacuum Gauge and Fuel Pump Pressure Tester 20300
Basic Fuel Injection Pressure Testing Kit 7635A
3mm x 370mm Fuel Injection Hex Driver S 10507
GM Carburetor Adjusting Tool KDS2776
Fuel Line and Air Conditioning Disconnect Tool KDS3290
Fuel Line Disconnect Tool KDS3321
Ford Fuel Line Disconnect Tool KDS3408
Fuel Cap Tool for Ford 7.3 L KDS3526
Fuel Pump Vacuum and Pressure Tester KDS2521
Diesel Adapter M24-1.50 Injector TU-15-17
Deluxe Global Fuel Injection Pressure Test Set TU-443
Fuel Injection Pressure Tester with Schrader Adapters TU-469
Master Fuel Injection Kit TU-550
Universal Noid Lite 27800
25 Blade Gauge 12" 12025
Small Schrader Right Angle Adapter with Quick Coupler Plug 74853
PRO Fuel System Test Kit MV5545
Fuel System Pressure Test Kit MV5546
Fuel Filter Disconnect for GM 35000
6 Piece Straight A/C and Fuel Line Disconnect Set 3206
Fuel Line and Air Conditioning Disconnect Tool Set 37000
GM Fuel Module Disconnect Tool 37500
3 Piece Angled Disconnect Kit 39890
Fuel Line Check Valve for 5/16" Lines CKV5
Fuel Line Check Valve for 3/8" Lines CKV7
OBDII EVAP Leak Master Test Kit 46568
Ignition / Fuel Injection Pulse Tester 138
Carburetor Adjusting Tool 350
GM Computer Control Carburetor Tools 362
Fuel Cap Tester Adapter 12419
Fuel Cap Tester Adapter 12421
Fuel Cap Tester Adapter 12422
Fuel Cap Tester Adapter 12423
Fuel Injection Tester TU-23PB
15 Piece Master Disconnect Kit 78930
Fuel Injection Update Kit II TU-443-2
GM Chrysler Carberetor Adjusting Tool 55250
Master Fuel Injection Kit 55700
Basic Fuel Injection Pressure Tester 33770
Fuel Injection Pressure Tester 33900
Fuel Injection Pressure Tester with Two Gages 33950
Fuel Injection Pressure Tester with Two Gages in Molded Plastic Storage Case 33980
8 Piece Fuel and Transmission Line Disconnect Tool Set MTN9101
Cummins 3/4" Fuel Injection Flare Nut Socket 99100
Multi-Port Fuel Injection Pressure Tester for Domestic and Foreign Vehicles 36200
Multi-Port Fuel Injection Pressure Tester For Domestic And Foreign Vehicles In Molded Plastic Storage Case 36250
12 Piece Fuel and Transmission Line Disconnect Tool Kit KDS41500
GM Throttle Body Fuel Injection Pressure Tester Adapter 37650
Comprehensive Fuel Injection Pressure Test Kit 38000
Idle Air / Idle Speed Tester 3320
Fuel Injector Tester 3397
Fuel Line Clamp Set 4506
Charged Air Cooler Tester 5039
Noid Lite for GM Multec 2 Injectors 6023
Ford Injector Remover/Installer Kit 6067
Cummins Diesel Fuel Injector Remover Kit 6069
Master Fuel Line Disconnect Set 6508
Fuel Line Disconnect Tool for 3/8" and 5/16" Applications 6509
Fuel Line Disconnect Tool for 3/8" and 1/2" applications 6511
Disconnect Tool Set 6517
Master Fuel Injection Kit 6550
Fuel Injection Import Kit 6552
Fuel Tank Lock RIng Wrench 6599
GM Fuel Line Tool 6603
2 Piece Ford Fuel Line Disconnect Set 7337
Quick Coupler Adapter Socket 7342
2 Piece Ford Chrysler GM Fuel Line Disconnect Set 7361
4 Piece Ford, Chrysler, and GM Fuel Line Disconnect Set 7363
Canister-Type Fuel Injection Cleaner 7448
Fuel Injector Nozzle Puller 7121
Fuel Propane Enrichment Kit 7148
GM PFI Noid Light 7602
Bosch PFI Noid Light 7188
Gauge and Hose Assembly 7211
EFI Quick Coupler Disconnect Fitting 7272
Fuel Filter Remover Tool 8012
Fuel Line Remover Tool 8013
GM Fuel Filter Disconnect Tool 8022
5/16" Nissan Fuel Line Disconnect Tool 8026
7 Piece Line Disconnect Set 8107
2 Piece Fuel Line Disconnect Tool KTI-75310
Fuel Line Pliers 0121-38
Diesel Adapter - M10-1.00 TU-15-22A
2 Piece Fuel Line Kit KDS61059
3M™ Universal Fuel Injector Cleaner Kit 8836
Gas Tank Fuel Pump Removal Tool 940
Deluxe Noid Lite and GM Signal Test Light Set 7898
Quick Disconnect Straight Fitting, 7/16"-20 Female 7214A
Professional Fuel Pressure Tester Kit CP7838
Fuel Injection Tester TU-113PB
Main Fuel Line Disconnect for Toyota and Nissan 39210
Universal Fuel Cap Adapter WVA-063
Car Clean System In-Car Air Quality System 500-0500
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