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Scan Tool Upgrades

DLC Cable for Tech 2 Flash Diagnostic Tool 3000095
Heavy Duty Battery and Electrical System Diagnostic Tester Kit with Printer 3168-HD
International NAVPAK Application Card for the MPC, Pro-Link® Plus and Pro-Link Graphiq™ 804010
Meritor Wabco ABS Air Brake Application Card for the MPC, Pro-Link®, Plus and Pro-Link Graphiq™ with PLC 804014
DDEC Mercedes Benz 900/4000 804031
DDEC V v1.2 Application Card for Pro-Link® Plus and Pro-Link Graphiq™ 804218
Bendix ABS Application Card for the MPC, Pro-Link Plus and Pro-Link Graphiq 805013
DDEC III and IV Rngine Suite 8.3 Application Card for the MPC, Pro-Link® Plus and Pro-Link GRAPHIQ™ 805015
Software PCMCIA for Caterpillar ACERT Engines 807024
9 Pin Deutsch to Atari (Caterpillar) 401015
Genisys ConnecTech PC Software Kit 3421-36
USA 2004 ABS/Air Bag Cable/SSI Kit 3421-54
Genisys European 2006 Cable Kit 3421-75
Genisys BMW Adapter Cable 3421-76
Genisys European 2005 Incremental Cable Update Kit 3421-77
InfoTech 2006 Update 3421-83
Genisys OBD II Smart Cable 3421-88
J1962 for GMC Trucks with CAT Engine 404009
Genisys USA 2007 Asian Cable Kit for Genisys Scan Tools 3421-94
J1708 6-PIN Deutsch to Atari 404024
9 Pin Deutsch Adapter 405028
Pre-Set Gas Flow Regulator, 100 PSI 200-22-227NG
Chyrsler Adapter for OTC Scan Tools 212635
Nissan OBD I and II Cable for Tech 2 Flash Diagnostic Tool 3305-141
DB25 to OBDII Nemisys Cable 3774-01
CAN Vehicle Interface Module and 2005 Software Kit 81201
Genisys Scope Module with InfoTech 2006 Software Kit 3688
Special Kit for Caterpillar Software with MPC 607024
Genisys Scan Tool Cover 3421-102
Chrysler III 25 Pin, 18" Cable 3305-65
DB-25 to 8 pin DIN Cable Adapter for Monitor 4000E 3305-72
SSI 25-pin System Smart Cable 3305-73
USB-Link™ Heavy Duty Vehicle Interface Adapter 125032
GM Smart Insert 3306-15
Mercedes 38 pin SSI 3306-47
Ford Code Reader Extension Cable for EPI3145 3149
Pro Link Plus MPC Cartridge 208040
Power and Data Cable 501002A
Allison Suite Software for Pro-Link IQ Scan Tool 888005
Meritor WABCO Software Suite for Pro-Link IQ Scan Tool 888014
Detroit Diesel DDEC Software Suite for Pro-Link IQ Scan Tool 888015
OBD II Software for Pro-Link IQ Diagnostic Scan Tool 888076
Pegisys USA European Starter Kit 3825-01
Pegisys Heavy Duty Standard Starter Kit 3825-02
Pegisys Battery “Hot Swap” Kit 3825-03
Genisys System 3.0 Memory Expansion Kit 3421-114
ABS/Air Bag 2008 Starter Kit with Cables 3421-110
Genisys™ EVO Protective Cover with Display Protector 3421-115
VW-Audi Service Light and Airbag Light Reset Tool 30369100
Genisys System 4.0 Starter Kit 3421-121
TPMS Reset Tool Master 3835
2010 Oil Light Reset Kit with Procedure Manual 3596H
Genisys EVO Super Bundle with Euro 3421-134
Tire Pressure Monitor 2011 Software Update Kit 3833-60
Genisys System 4.0 Memory Expansion Kit 3421-130
USA 2010 Domestic / Asian with ABS Software Bundle Kit 3421-124
USA 2010 Domestic / Asian with ABS Software and System 4.0 Memory Card Bundle Kit 3421-125
Genisys™ 2010 Super Bundle Productivity Kit 3421-126
NGS PC Ford, Lincoln, Mercury Diagnostic Software Kit 90068
USA 2010 European Starter Kit with OEM Cables 3421-129
OBD Upgrade Kit for TECH300SD WRT300POBD
Genisys 2010 European Software 3421-128
Genisys Extended Service Plan 3421-132
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