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Special Use Testers

Inlline Spark Tester 20610
Insulation Tester 550
"Trailer Buddy" The One Man Trailer Wiring Tester 220
Spark Tester 19380
Short Circuit Detector KDS2524
Continuity Tester 26200
6V and 12V Circuit and Spark Plug Tester KDS2649
Spark Plug Wire Tester 26900
Ignition Tester Calibrated For HEI Ignitions KDS2756
Ignition Tester Calibrated for Standard Ignitions KDS2757
FaultFinder 42V Ready® Short / Open Circuit Finder and Circuit Tracer FF310
Combustible Gas Detector TIF8800A
Power Probe Short Circuit Detector PPECT2000
Digital Tire Gauge 3833-15
Flight Recorder 45364
Wall Mounted Temperature and Humidity Tester DTH880
GM Linear/Digital EGR System Test Kit 47062
Power Probe 6-24 Volt Tester Kit PP19FTC
Adjustable Ignition Spark Tester 404
Brake Fluid Tester 901S
Coil On Plug Ignition Spark Checker 23950
In-Line Spark Checker Kit for Recessed Plugs 23970
Professional Cordless Computer-Safe Circuit Tester 8002
Short Finder 25100
Power Probe Tester Accessory Kit PPACC01
Intermittent Short Finder and Short Circuit Finder 25300
Ignition Spark Tester 50850
Power Probe 6-24 Volt Tester with 19' Cable PP19FT
Fuse Buddy DMM Adapter - ATC Blade 303B
Fuse Buddy Tester - Mini Fuse 302M
Fuse Buddy Tester - ATC Blade 304B
30 Amp Fuse Buddy Tester - ATC Blade 306B
Tire Pressure Monitor Magnet 3833-4
TPMS Software Update Cable 3833-7
Coil On Plug Quick Probe II 76562
In-Line Spark Checker for Recessed Plugs, Noid Lights and IAC Test Lights Kit 36350
Battery Charging/Starting System Professional Analyzer Kit 3184
Battery Charging/Starting System Professional Analyzer Kit with Printer 3185
Universal Gauge and Component Tester 3385
Antizap Auto Surge Protector 3386
Phototach, Non Contact 3660
Cylinder Leakage Tester Kit 5609
Ford Cam Sensor Sync Tool 6483
KV ARC Quick Probe 76760
Labscope/Graphing Multimeter/Code Reader ADL7103
Universal Electronic Fuel Injector Quick Probe 76462
DIgital Light Meter DLM2
SmarTach+ Digital Tachometer and Engine Analyzer TA100
4 and 5 Way Pin Vehicle Trailer Harness Tester 7866
Five Gas Emissions Analyzer AGA5000
ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Tester 20480
Professional Compression Tester Kit CP7828
Vehicle-Side Trailer Circuit Tester Pack TSTPK1
Circuit Load Simulator 44065
Fuse Buddy Pro Test Kit 310
Max Fuse Buddy Tester 315
Selectline Hand Pump with Gauge MV8010
Selectline Dual Vacuum / Pressure Pump MV8255
Trailer Wiring Buddy 7 Pin Flat 222
EZ Tach Plus 328
Diesel Smartach Tachometer TA300
Turbo Gauge Vehicle Computer TG3
Check Point Circuit Tester MTN2100
Heavy Duty Circuit Tester MTN2700
OTC DEF Refractometer 5025
Electronic Brake Fluid Tester 4598
LED Brake Fluid Tester SO2825
ABS Sensor Pinpoint Tester 20560
Heavy Duty Cooling System Adapter Kit 61901
Disc and Rotor Flex Chrome Kit 72-520-451
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