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Tire & Wheel

Wheel Stud Installer 22800
Hi-Performance Tire Valve S-409
Brass Valve Extension S-442
Combination Valve Core Tool S-444
Valve Fishing Tool S-447
Tire Tread Depth Gauge S-448
Valve Insertion and Removal Tool S-449
Air/Water Tire Valve Adapter Kit S-466
Tire Inflator S-505
Dual Head Chuck with Gauge S-506
Tire Inflator with Gauge S-516
Bayonet Inflator Gage with Dual Truck Head Chuck S-522
Dual Head Chuck Tire Tool S-690
Safety Grip Air Chuck Clip S-692
Dual Head Straight Lock-on Threads Air Chuck 1/4" S-693
Male Air Chuck S-695
Kwik-Grip Safety Air Chuck S-696
Female 1/4" NPT Air Chuck with Clip S-698
Seal Puller KDS3245
Valve Core Torque Tool 18810
Tire/Tube Test Tank 19822
Truck and Trailer Wheel Pan 19852
Pencil Type Tire Pressure Gage for Higher Pressure Automobile Tires S-920
Radial and Conventional Gauge S-921
Straight Chuck Passenger Car Tire Gage for Radial and Conventional Tires S-923
Bicycle, RV and Truck Gauge S-925
Dual Chuck Truck Tire Gauge S-927
Tractor Tire Gauge S-928
Extension Service Gauge S-976
Extension Service Straight Gauge S-986
Hand Style Bearing Packer KDS2775
6 Slot 1/2" Drive Bearing Lock Nut Tool 27400
Truck Wheel Stud Installer 28950
Master Spindle Rethreader Die Set 2599
Handy Packer Bearing Packer 34550
5 Piece 1/2" Drive Limited Extension Bar Set 2450
9 Piece 1/2" Drive Wheel Lock Removal Kit 2840
9 Piece 1/2" Drive 6 Point Extra Thin Wall SAE and Metric Wheel Protector Impact Socket Set 2849
Seal and Bearing Driver Set 3920
X-Tread Digital Tire Gage 74-225-500
2 inch Round Tire Gauge (White Face) W1450
Tire Plug Starter Kit KT-20SC
Dual Wheel Lug Stud Remover 30165
TPMS Sentry™ Sensor Service Tool 30209
Professional Lug Nut Cover Remover 30606
T133 Pneumatic Bead Expander 31433
Professional Wheel Cover Puller and Replacer 31567
Standard Wheel Cover and Replacer 31568
Brass Bead Holding Device 31710
Aluminum Wheel Protector 31810
18" Straight Tire Mount / Demount Spoon 32101
18" Tire Mount/Demount Curved Spoon 32102
2 Piece Small Tire Iron Set 32114
T5 Small Handled Tire Iron 32115
16" Tire Iron 32116
T8 Small Handled Tire Iron 32118
24" Straight Tire Mount / Demount Spoon 32119
24" Curved Tire Mount / Demount Spoon 32120
18" Drop-Center Tire Mount / Demount Spoon 32121
24" Truck Lock Ring Remover 32123
22" Hex Leverage Bar 32318
Universal Digital Pressure Gauge with Remote Read 48165
4in. Tire Repair Inserts For Radials 15-184
Open Eye Tire Repair Needle 15-224
Tire Repair Probe 15-225
30" Straight Tire Mount / Demount Spoon 33219
30" Curved Tire Mount / Demount Spoon 33220
30" Truck Lock Ring Remover 33223
23-1/2" Combination Rim / Ring Tool 33224
30" Curved Tire Mount / Demount Spoon 33239
37" Mount / Dismount Tire Tool 34644
37" Truck Mount/Demount Tire Iron 34645
41" Heavy Duty Truck Tubeless Tire Iron 34647
37" Heavy Duty Lock Ring Tool 34648
36" Straight Tubeless Mount/Demount Tool 34747
Tire Tool Kit in a Pouch 301680
52" Straight Mount / Demount Tire Iron 34847
TG36 Heavy Duty Tire Hammer 35425
Serpent™ Demount Tool 35449
Serpent™ Mount Tool 35450
4 Piece Serpent™ Tire Changing Set 35453
Economy Impact Bead Breaker 35924
Heavy Duty Impact Bead Breaker 35926
6 Piece Wheel Stud Installer Kit 755
6 PIece Wheel Stud Installer Kit for Automobiles 938
Bearing and Seal Installer Starter Set 27793
"Custom Made" Driver Tool Basic Set 27794
12" Standard Duty Tire Inflator 150
Truck Digital Dual Foot Tire Pressure Service Gauge 2-150PSI A567
Digital Tire Gauge (5-90 lbs.) 17-537
Dual Head Chuck for Inflator Gage 500-4
Bearing Race and Seal Set KDS41630
4" Black Tire Plugs RE-460
3 Piece Twist Socket Lugnut Removal System 4300
Cone Type Universal Bearing Packer 65250
Multipurpose Bearing and Pulley Puller Set 4534
Hub Oil Seal Puller 5085
Heavy Duty Bearing Cup Installer 5191
Straight On Tapered Chuck Inflator 100D
12 in. Dual Foot Tire Inflator with Gauge 10-120psi 101D
Heavy-Duty 54mm Hex Locknut Socket 6612
Universal Hub Puller 7394
TPMS T-10 Torque Limiting Screwdriver Tool KTI-71981
Universal Bearing Cup Installer 7180
Front Hub Puller for 4 WD Vehicles 7901
Ford Vacuum Front Hub Release Set 7932
1/4" NPT Female Lock on Chuck 1470
1/4" NPT Female Long Handle Chuck 1471
1/4" Drive TPMS Sensor Socket Set 1819C
Tire Bead Seating Tool CH-05
Tire Tread Depth Gage 448
Window Inflator Gage 501
Window Inflator Gage 502
Window Inflator Gage 503
Bearing Race and Seal Driver Master Set 7824
5 Piece 1/2" Drive Impact Wheel Socket Set 7835
3M™ TN-2015 Wheel Weight System 61403
3M™ TN-2023 Wheel Weight System 61405
Bearing and Seal Installer 12600
Master Pneumatic Bearing Race and Seal Driver Set 12800
Universal Valve Core Tool 14100
Wheel Bearing Packer 102929
Tire and Bumper Brush 92036
7 Piece Spare Tire Tool Kit 96090A
Bearing Race and Seal Driver Kit 4408
Tire Deflator for TPMS Stems 19860
Digital Tire Pressure Gauge 162
Blue Cobra™ Truck Tire Demount Tool 35440
Valve Cap S-439
Replacement Valve Core 1251-2
Tube Deflator and Core Remover S-446
4-in-1 Steel-Plated Tire Valve Repair Tool S-445
Valve Cap S-437
Valve Core S-404
Tubeless Tire Valves S-413
Tubeless Tire Valve 1-1/4" S-415
Tubeless Tire Valve - 1-1/4" S-414
Female 1/4" NPT Air Chuck S-699
Valve Caps S-435
Tubeless Tire Valve 2" S-418
Truck Rethread Kit 30125
Save-A-Stud Rethread Kit 30100
PakPress Portable Wheel Stud Remover and Installer 1-PPK
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