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Vehicle Specialty

Wire Stripper for Recessed Areas 19100
Limited Access Seal Puller 56920
Flywheel Locking Tool for 6.6L Duramax 22100
Wireless V-Snake™ Inspection Viewer 70920
Deluxe Wireless V-Snake™ Viewer 70930
CamClamp™ Timing Gear Clamp 70896
5 Piece Master CamClamp Kit 70900
UniTest Cooling System Pressure Tester Deluxe Kit 70888
SpeedyVac™ Vacuum Brake Bleeder 70850
Dual Sided Socket Removal Tool (22/22.5mm) LT-1260
Dip Stick for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep® and Volkswagen Vehicles MLR-9336A
Adjustable Style Hose Remover 9481
Extended Reach Hose Pinch Clamp 9482
4/5 Pin Pin Tester and Maintenance Kit 8026
6 Round Pin Towing Maintenance Kit 8027
7-way Spade Pin Towing Maintenance Kit 8028
Pic Stik for Image Storage 45004PS
Spark Plug Hole Chaser M12 x 1.25 20000
Hub Removal Kit for Dodge 38210
Hub Removal Tool for New Large Dodge 39250
Parking Brake Cable Remover 40750
Tie Rod Puller for Ford 46700
Gasket / Pan Separator 50190
Swivel Gripper No Slip Filter Wrench - Import 57010
Swivel Gripper No Slip Filter Wrench - Small 57020
Swivel Gripper No Slip Filter Wrench - Standard 57030
Swivel Gripper No Slip Filter Wrench - Large 57040
9 Piece Triple Square Bit Set 60850
Articulating VideoStik Video Scope with 36", 7.8mm Shaft VS36-8WA
Duramax Water Sensor Wrench 6916
LED Lighted Flexible Spring Claw 16LT
90 Degree Electrical Back Probe Kit 490-90
Angled Electrical Back Probe Kit 490-M
3 Piece Steel Terminal Release Tool Set in 14,16 and 20 Guage 588
4 in 1 Brake Pad Spreader 70915
41mm Water Pump Wrench for GM 1.6L 13500
7 PIece Oil Filter Removal Socket Set 78527
25-40 MM Stainless Steel Brush Kit 8037
25mm-40mm Brass Bore Brush Set 8038
20 Piece Wire Brush Set 9020
3 PIece Professional Flexible Ball Hone Brush Set 9022
39mm 12 Point Axle Nut Socket for Toyota 39650
Radiator and Radiator Cap Pressure Test Kit 43658
Stretch Belt Installation Tool KTI-70730
European Stretch Belt Installation Tool KTI-70731
Spring Loaded Truck/Tractor Filter Plier KTI-73621
4 Piece Radiator Disconnect Tool Set KTI-75320
Rolling Inspection Mirror SET3714
Serpentine Belt Stretch Tool KDS3681
Indexing Seal Puller 3995
8 Gallon Air Operated Oil Evacuator 7351
Radiator Pressure Tester and Vacuum Type Cooling Kit with 78581 Adapter 78585
Universal Cooling System Pressure Tester 7859
Cooling Systems Backflush Tool 356
5 Piece Ford Oil Filter Wrench Set F 2500
7 PIece Professional Quick Change Ratcheting Crimping Tool Set 9477
Relay Test Jumper Kit II 60610
Aluminum Head M14 x 1.25 Spark Plug Hole Repair Kit 65000
Pneumatic Tie Rod Rattler 54640
5 Piece Air Line Disconnect Set 42400
Master Indexing Ball Joint And Tie Rod Separator 43990
1-3/8" Crows Foot for LIS45750 Inner Tie Rod Tool 46300
Budd Nut Wrench (Pork Chop), 1-1/2" and 38mm 60301
Truck Wheel Weight Hammer 50147
Chrysler/Dodge Minivan Pin Remover LT735
7 Round Pin Connector Cleaner 8024
Stretch Fit Belt Tool Kit 70990
7 Round Pin Towing Maintenance Kit 8029
Universal OHC Valve Spring Compressor Update Kit 91410B
Hub Clamp Expander 70970
GM and Chrysler Water Pump/Fan Clutch Pulley Holder 99800A
Heavy Duty Wrack Wrench 70950
Wheel Shield 50205
Hands Free Budd Nut Wrench 60300
Brake Pipe Flaring Tool KTI-70081
Ultrasonic Leak Detector SS-1000
BMW Timing Set for N52/N54 Engines BMW 3028
23 Piece Value Complete Car Opening Set AMVS
55 Piece Super Pro Complete Car Opening Set SPRO
27 PIece Basic Combo Complete Car Opening Set AMBC
47 PIece Super Combo Complete Car Opening Set AMSC
20 Piece Large Cup Set 11070
Ergonomically Designed Micro Riveter 1421
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