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Headlamp Auditing System 5010000

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Item #: SYMHBA5
Manufacturer: Symtech

List Price: $2,696.10
Our Price: $1,631.85

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Product Description
Features and Benefits
  • User Friendly
  • Rechargeable, replacement battery pack
  • Laser Floor slope assesment
  • Field calibrate-able
  • Multi-bay uasage
Photosensor positioning with light intensity meter that measures lamp intensity in kilo candels.  Certified for safety inspections and approved for use in Maryland and Virginia. Aligns all types of headlamps in one inexpensive, easy-to-use unit.  Laser floor slope measurement.  8' floor guidance track.  Mirror alignment to vehicle.  Field calibrations is easy.  No adapters, no suction cups.  Nothing to attach to the headlamp.  Multi bay usage - compact space saving design.  Battery powered, no cords.  Rechargeable, replaceable battery pack.
  • Height 68 inchs
  • Width 26 inchs
  • Depth 26 inchs
  • Weight 85 Lbs.
  • Power 9.6 v Rechargeable Battery with 110 v AC Adapter
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Headlamp Auditing System 5010000
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