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AC Adapters Fittings Couplers

Conversion Style Coupler Set R12 to R134A QC14SET
R134a Side Can Tap 6034
R-12 / R-134A Adapter Kit ADK1234
Spotgun Adapter for R134a 471535
Low Side Manual Service Coupler for R-134A 18190A
High Side Manual Service Coupler for R-134A 18191A
5 Piece A/C Fits-All Adapter Kit 10237A
High-Side Manual R134a 1/4" FL-M x 16mm Quick Coupler 82834-E
Replacement Tips (3 each) for TIFXP-1A, RX-1A and XL-1A TIFXP-2
1/4" MFL x 3/16" FF Solid Brass Straight Adapter 10468A
1/4" MFL x 3/16" FF 90 Degree Solid Brass Adapter 10469A
Hi 3/16"F A/C Flex Adapter 10470A
Replacement Sensor for TIFZX-1 TIFZX-2
Low-Side Manual R134a 1/4" FL-M x 13mm Quick Coupler 82934-E
High Side 14mm-F x 16mm Snap Coupler For R-134a 82214
Low Side 14mm-F x 13mm Snap Coupler for R-134 82224
1/4 FL-F x 1/2 ACME-M Charging Adapter 82634
1/2" ACME-F x 1/4" FL (7/16-20") M R134a Adapter Coupler 82635
High Side R134a 14mm-F x 16mm Quick Manual Coupler 82834
Low Side R134a 14mm-F x 13mm Quick Manual Coupler 82934
R12 - R134a Conversion Manual Style Coupler Set MTN8200
R12 - R134a Conversion Quick Connect Coupler Set MTN8201
3 Pack Adapter Set MTN8400
Top Style Metal Can Tap MTN8401
R-134a Can Tap Valve 85510
Refrigerant and Oil Charge Can Tap Valve 3-in-1 Tool 85530
3-in-1 R-12/R-134a Oil Side Can Tap TLCT1234
3 Piece Manual Shut-off Valve Adapter Set 90262
1/4in. x 3/16in. GM Adapter 90355
1/4" MFL x 1/8" FFL (High Side) Ford 90373
Safety A/C Universal Adapter Kit 91175
1/4" Quick Seal Adapter 10292
Multi-Purpose Refrigerant Side Can Tap 10102
4 Way Ratcheting M51 Wrench 11008
Low Side Conversion Hose 13187
R-12 and R-134A Inlet Fittings 15495
Tee 1/2" and 1/4" Fittings Pump Inlet Adapter 15195
1/4" Female x 1/2" Male Adapter 3-pk. AD48
Pump Adapters AD84
1/2" ACME Brass Adapter AD12
Low Side Tank Adapter 16301
R134a Conversion Kit 98370
R-12 to R-134a Manifold Conversion Kit 98371
Internal A/C Replacement Filter 17623
Vinyl Dust Cover 17495
Red High Side 90 Degree Manual Coupler 18175
High- and Low-side Manual Coupler 18192
Metering Tank Adapter 19590
1/4in. F x 1/4in. F A/C Hose Fittings 72in. 3-pk. HS6L
Pro-Set® 8" Ball Valve Shut-Offs HT1E
1/4in. Gaskets ( Pack of 6) 40083
A/C 90 Degree 1/4" MFL x 1/4" FFL Adapter 40563A
Hand Wheel A/C Set 40449
Base and Foot for 15200 Pump 41186
R134a Adapter with Valve Core 6092
Arbor Tool 2958
1/4" R134a Service Coupler - Low Side 6004
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